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James Boyd Niven presenta il libro: "James Boyd Niven: Interior Design" - Rizzoli

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This elegant monograph presents the story of the designer s boutique firm, James Boyd Niven Design. With five chapters divided by theme and geographical location (Urban/Buenos Aires, Rural/Campo, Austral/Patagonia, Hospitality/Montevideo, and Beach Horseback riding/Jose Ignacio, Uruguay), the book features multiple homes illustrating each style through a coherent and amicable aesthetic. The aromas and flavours of these regions are compounded in this book to illustrate the varied South American lifestyles and cultures. A section highlights table settings designed to complement the projects and to tell a story through the five senses. Classic and timeless photographs showcase standout properties, including Boyd Niven s own 12-room house in the Palermo Hollywood area of Buenos Aires, the farmhouses he has completed in Argentina and Uruguay, and the 100-room luxury hotel he recently designed in Montevideo. Boyd Niven s projects embody a chic, contemporary sensibility through the creative reuse of traditional design elements. Lastly, to complement the interiors illustrated throughout the book and position them within a historical and cultural framework, the projects are interwoven with artistic vistas of well-known city blocks, buildings, and landscapes.